6 Wedding Videography Tips For Brides

Capturing your special day on film is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding. Your wedding is special, so is your wedding film, so you want to get the most out of your investment. Here are 6 tips to help brides find the perfect wedding videographer and get a beautiful film you’ll watch over and over again for years to come

1. Take finding your videographer as seriously as finding your photographer

Sometimes searching for a wedding videographer gets pushed further and further down the wedding planning checklist. Honestly, it’s far too important to be an afterthought. If finding a wedding videographer is placed at the bottom of the priority list, there may only be a handful of studios that are available for your wedding, and you may not be able to hire your first, second, or even third choice!

If you plan ahead you won’t regret it! Set aside money in your budget for a wedding videographer right from the start. Find a videographer that fits your style and you’ll have a beautiful and timeless keepsake to show your children years from now.

2. Watch Other Wedding Films

Not all wedding videos are the same. Some are more documentary in nature and show the day in chronological order, Some are a more cinematic highlight style, set to music with an elegant editing style. Watch a variety of different wedding videos and see what style you really like. You can then look for wedding film studios that have similar shooting and editing styles.

3. Meet With the Videographer

Whether in person or via Skype it’s best to get to know your wedding videographer. They will be spending the entire day around you, so you’ll need to feel at ease with your videographer. This would be a good time to ask any question you may have about your big day. Are they a more of a fly-on-the-wall type of cinematographer? Or are they more hands on? It’s best to discuss specifics, like how many shooters will be present, how many hours of coverage, and the length of the final film.

4. Trust the Professional

You’re hiring a professional for their talent and experience, not just hiring a camera operator. Trust is essential. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is feeling like you need to direct the videographer on what to do. Trust them to get the shot. It’s unlikely that will use any unflattering footage in the final film. If you’ve researched your videographer and their work you should have complete confidence in them to create a beautiful film!

5. Set Your Musical Expectations

Using popular music in professional video production can be tricky. All music used needs to be licensed, and it’s likely that your favorite songs on the radio will skyrocket your wedding budget unless you have the band’s permission to use it. But you can find something similar to your favorite artist on music licensing websites like The Music Bed, Song Freedom, and Marmoset Music.

6. Lighting Is Everything

Cameras need light to make images, it’s as simple as that. Lighting is crucial to your wedding film. During prep in the morning, try getting ready in a room with lots of natural light. Natural light is flattering and you will look absolutely stunning on film and in your photos! Discuss the wedding and reception venue lighting with your videographer and if possible, let them go to the venue prior to the wedding. Weddings venues are notorious for being dark. While this does set a romantic mood, your beautiful decorations may turn out as a dark gray mush on your wedding film. Your videographer may use lights during the crucial moments such as toasts, cake cutting, and the first dances. Don’t worry, this shouldn’t ruin the ambiance, and the final product will be worth it!